Handcrafted metalwork from a blacksmith using traditional techniques is available at Old Mill Crafts, a business based in the buildings associated with the remains of an old windmill in rural Lincolnshire.

The windmill dates from 1839 and last worked in 1946. The remains have been turned into a walled patio garden with edgework pictures in the window openings.

The forge is located in the engine house associated with the mill. This once contained a steam engine used when the wind did not blow!

The adjacent showroom contains a range of hand-crafted metalwork items for sale, from  novelty planters and other garden items to smaller pieces for the home. Commissions, including hand-forged sculptural work are undertaken.

Other craft items, including embroidered linen and cards, are also for sale. All items are made by ourselves.

There is ample parking on-site for your visit.

Welcome to Old Mill Crafts